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Successful Cases

For more than a decade, The Norman Kwai Wing Wong Law Office, P.C., has enjoyed immense success in immigration law, successfully representing hundreds of immigrants seeking legal immigration status in the United States. Among the successful immigration cases Attorney Wong has handled include:

Attorney Wong forcefully rejected unjust immigration judges' decisions and helped to set precedents in four appeals before the Federal Court of Appeals. The Leng v. Mukasey, Wu v. Holder, and Gao v. U.S. Attorney General, and Wu v. Holder are four important immigration precedent decisions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd and 3rd Circuit in 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2011, respectively. Attorney Wong, the lead attorney for the petitioners, argued the cases. The Circuit Court judges ultimately adopted the strong arguments of Attorney Wong and ruled in favor of the petitioners. The four precedent decisions are laws of the land and widely followed and cited as legal authority by Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, and all levels of Federal Courts around the country.

Convinced the USCIS to approve the immigration petition of an EB1 Multinational Executive based on an innovative "successive interest" theory where the parent-sponsoring company was succeeded by a different, but related, company upon dissolution. A family of five was able to immigrate legally to the U.S. based on the approval.

An ailing Chinese Christian was unable to obtain the necessary medical treatments due to his illegal immigration status. Under the assistance of Attorney Wong, he was approved of his asylum application by the USCIS within a short time based on his fear of persecution upon returning to his native country. The approval provided him with legal asylee status, as well as eligibility for the complicated and expensive treatments of his terminal illness by the U.S. health care system. A legal immigration status in the U.S. is not only important, but, sometimes, is literally a matter of life and death. A strong, effective legal advocacy is a must for every application.

Helped score a win for the appeal of a non-religious worker's petition before the AAO. Such an overturn of the USCIS decision of denial of benefit is extremely rare.

The F-1 visa of an international student was revoked and the request for reopening was denied by the USCIS, resulting in the student facing deportation procedure. Attorney Wong fought hard for the appeal and the F-1 visa status was ultimately reinstated so that the student could legally continue her studies in the U.S. and avoid deportation.

Attorney Wong successfully convinced an immigration judge to grant a permanent green card to an applicant whose green card status had been expired more than 16 years. With thorough preparation and submission of sufficient strong evidence, Attorney Wong convinced the IJ that the initial marriage of the applicant with her U.S. citizen ex-husband some 18 years ago was bona fide and agreed to give a permanent green card to the applicant.

In another case of joint removal of condition of a green card, an USCIS officer was convinced the initial marriage was bona fide and granted an unconditional green card to the applicant based on credible evidence prepared by Attorney Wong, despite the fact that the husband, the sponsor of the underlying joint application, did not appear with the applicant at the immigration interview as required by regulations.

An asylum-seeker was ordered deported by an immigration Judge due to her failure to appear in a court hearing 16 years ago. Attorney Wong fought hard to help reopen the proceedings and cancel the deportation order by convincing the IJ that the applicant's failure to appear was due to a cognitive deficiency of the applicant. Justice prevailed.

Under the assistance of a so-called non-professional "immigration consultant," a petitioner unwittingly used a fraudulent affidavit of support for a visa application. The U.S. Consular Post discovered the fraud and denied the visa application and was set to punish the beneficiaries by permanently barring them from immigrating to the U.S. Attorney Wong became involved and helped to reopen the case. The U.S. Consular Post finally accepted a renewed application with sufficient evidence and supporting documents carefully prepared by Attorney Wong. The beneficiaries, a family of five, were able to immigrate to the U.S. and join their relatives.

In another visa application case by a spouse of a U.S. citizen, the U.S. Consular Post determined the marriage was not bona fide based on bias of an officer and consequently denied the application. Attorney Wong helped appeal the case and overturn the denial of the application. The family reunited in the U.S.

A lawful permanent applicant was unaware of the fact that he could lose his green card and be deported by the U.S. Government when he pleaded guilty to certain minor crimes at a young age. At the deportation hearing, Attorney Wong fought hard and helped to obtain a seldom-used waiver of deportation from the immigration judge. The father of two children was able to hold on to his green card, and avoid deportation and separation from his family.

Attorney Wong successfully won a decision of an immigration judge to grant the relief of Cancellation of Removal, the so-called "10-year green card", to a couple with illegal immigrant status for more than 15 years. The bestowment of Cancellation of Removal is extremely rare and difficult to obtain in Immigration Court.

A U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident's application for Naturalization was denied by the USCIS based on an incorrect legal interpretation. Under the assistance of Attorney Wong, the decision was vacated upon an appeal and the applicant successfully became a U.S. naturalized citizen.